We are The Chad Larson Experience, a farmer-tanned Mixed Ultimate team located in the Central Region of the US of America. We formed in the Spring of 2003 after noticing the severe lack of competitive Ultimate and mystical rocks in the area surrounding Ames, Iowa. As many of the core group of players had already mucked about together for 3-4 years on Iowa State University's ISUC, we felt we could either compete at the highest level of Club Ultimate, or at least spend our summer weekends playing, laughing, and consuming mass quantities of food together as good friends. It turns out we could do both simultaneously.

We have been a consistent force in the Midwest Ultimate community since our inception, and have recently made our loud entrance - wardrobe included - onto the national scene, advancing to the 2004 & 2005 UPA Mixed National Championship in Sarasota, FL.

Our roster sweeps a wide swath of Midwest Ultimate territory, as former Iowa State residents dispersed to greener and more crowded pastures (yet remained loyal to the Experience), and as word of the enigma of CLX spread (just who is that Chad Larson guy, anyway?), interest and train-wreck-like attraction came from further and further away. Our lack of centrality is one of our unique features, and likely lends us our toughest challenge - we don't practice together. But through an intriguing mix of email heckles, play-making athletes, open offensive sets, and some of the stingiest defense in the country, CLX has always come out victorious. And the 2005 season promises to be no different.

-Since our inception, CLX has been a force in the Midwest Club Mixed scene. With our full squad, we have advanced to the quarterfinals or better in every tournament we've competed, and have traditionally competed well when underseeded, earning regional (and, eventually, national) respect from the ground up. The hit list:

St. Louis Summer Soaker - Champions
GRUB - Semifinalists
Cooler Classic - Champions
Chicago Tune-Ups - 2nd Place
Central Regionals - 5th Place

St Louis Classic - Champions
GRUB - Quarterfinalists
Aquatennial - 2nd Place
Cooler Classic - Semifinalists
Chicago Heavyweights - Champions
Central Regionals - Champions
UPA Club Nationals - 2nd Place

Aquatennial - 1st
GRUB - Quarterfinalists
Cooler Classic - Champions
Chicago Heavyweights - Semifinalists
West Plains Sectionals - Champions
Central Regionals - 3rd Place
UPA Club Nationals - Semifinalists

-The exposure that The Experience has garnered has been sudden and startling. Since catching many an eye at 2004 Nationals with our Santa boxers and high speed, high intensity play, there are few Elite level players that are not familiar with us. Enhancing this new found infamy is the video highlight work of Jason Saienga, documenting the tournaments CLX has attended the past two years.

-CLX has taken a different approach to building its roster - instead of holding open tryouts, we have collected the players we have known to possess not only raw Ultimate ability, but more importantly a personality that fits well into the mindset of the team - an attitude very much centered around the Spirit of the Game, and returning back to the fun and camaraderie we all enjoyed when first beginning to play. Succeeding is fun; succeeding alongside your best friends is an unparalleled competitive reward.

-The one question that consistently is asked of all of us on CLX (not that it particularly bothers us) is the question of the name itself - Who is Chad Larson? The answer, like much of life's great questions, cannot be fully expressed by a simple response (or perhaps we just like to keep people guessing). The mystery of Chad Larson is something that can only be fully realized by the individuals that have Experienced him (it?), and even then can be a disorienting mystery as to what they have become a part of. A small piece of this puzzle was revealed in 2005, with the unveiling of the new CLX logo that shows a young upstart Larson full of potential, clad in his Sunday best, the thought of his unique Experience barely a twinkle in his bespectacled eye.